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Security and Software Engineering Research Center

The Security and Software Engineering Research Center (S2ERC) is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) that has been operating since 2010, and has funded sites at Ball State University, Virginia Tech, and Georgetown University. With 11 participating universities and over 20 industry and government affiliates, the S2ERC works with a truly expansive network of remarkable individuals and groups.

In the News

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Intel investigates chips designed like your brain to turn the AI tide

In the race to build better hardware for artificial intelligence, Intel is turning to an old, but unproven, type of computer processor. Neuromorphic chips, as they’re known, are modeled after the human brain ... more.

Apple’s Safari update secretly mines data to protect your privacy

Apple's newly launched macOS High Sierra may not be flashy on the outside, but there's plenty going on beneath the surface. Admittedly, some of its high-profile upgrades are easier to spot: Like Safari muting ... more.